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The clutch is an essential part of your vehicle, connecting the engine to the wheels via the gearbox.  Over time the components wear out resulting in one of four main problems:

Judder - Caused mainly by either worn engine mountings, misalignment of components, oil contamination, damaged plates or scored flywheel.

Slip - This is where the acceleration of the car does not match the increased speed of the engine.  This can be caused by worn clutch components, damaged plates, defective springs or partial seizure of one of the many linkages.

Drag - Normally evidenced by a noise whilst engaging first gear from neutral or a rough change of gear when in motion.  This could be due to something as simple as an incorrect clutch adjustment or, more seriously, due to damaged or buckled components.

Snatching - Where the vehicle moves of suddenly despite a smooth release of the clutch pedal.  Can be caused by a number of issues including a partial seizure of linkages, worn hydraulic system or misalignment to the gearbox.

At ATech, our specialist technicians will inspect all apects of the clutch to identify the problem.

We only fit Original Equipment Specification clutch components, as these reach all the manufacturers specification.  It is more cost effective to fit quality parts over the cheaper alternatives you may find on the internet.  They will provide a better biting point, positive clutch feel and will have a longer lifespan.