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Thank you for your recent visit to my office to collect my cal and take it for its MOT.  The fact that I didn't have to move from my office to take my car to a garage was invaluable to me as it was a very busy time of the year at work.

Your advice on tyres, rear noise and other minor ailments is a good pointer for future repairs and I look forward to using your services again when it needs some work.  Let's hope that isn't very soon.

Delia Allott

ATech visited my home last week and carried out a repair to the central locking system of one of our vans.  This was carried out efficiently and in 2 hours Richie was able to repair the system and have it fully operational.  All this and we did not need to lose the use of the vehicle during the day.  The bill was very reasonable and we will certainly be using ATech to look after our vehicles in the future.

Peter Mark

I would like to thank you for the work that you have done on my car. It’s so easy. You turn up, I give you the key and when I get back it’s all done and the key’s in the hall. I’ve been able to continue with my work and still have the car sorted.
You will definitely be recommended by me.

Bob Lee

Thank you very much for all your hard work in preparing my car. You asked me to let you know how my Peugeot 406 Estate performed on my trip to Scotland during week commencing 17 to 24 June 2011.

I departed from Burnham and visited clients in Edinburgh, Inverness, Fort William and Glasgow. The weather was cold and wet and I had the heater on virtually all the time. The car behaved impeccably.

In total I covered just over 1,500 miles with a fairly heavy load in the rear of the car. I started with a full tank (up to the neck) of diesel, I then filled the car as required during my journey and finally topped the tank up to the neck on my return to Burnham. My fuel consumption worked out to be 34 miles per gallon. Initially I was a bit disappointed with this but have to admit that I don’t hang around especially on motorways. In fact I did the journey from Gretna Green to Burnham, a distance of just over 300 miles in exactly 5 hours, giving an average speed of 60 miles per hour. I left Gretna Green early in the morning and completed 78 miles in the first hour. Unfortunately the weight of traffic thereafter reduced my average speed.

I am so impressed with your vehicle expertise and the thoughtful, cheerful and helpful way in which you explain everything which gave me complete confidence in the car before I set off.

Once again very many thanks for your expertise and hard work.

John Gilpin
Essential Health and Safety Services.

I have had an intermittent problem with my car stereo for some time and it was very frustrating as it never happened when anyone looked at it. You were recommended to me by Malcolm Peach and I just wanted to say thank you for all your help.

You arrived when you promised and spent quite a while recreating the problem. When others might have walked away, you persevered and eventually the problem occurred. I was very impressed with the methodical way in which you went about locating the problem and finally determined it was an intermittent problem with the earth connection.

Not only did you fix the problem, but spent a considerable time ensuring that the issue did not recur.

Thanks again, it’s so great to have my stereo back working properly and I would have no hesitation recommending you to my friends and family.

Pamela Dixon (Mrs)

I am writing to express my thanks for all the hard work you have done, including a new set of Michelin tyres, on my Peugeot diesel
406 Estate. I call her my motorway cruiser for obvious reasons and her reliability is essential.

The work you have done has enabled me to set out confidently to visit clients on the South East Coast and twice to North Yorkshire within the last three weeks. I especially like the way you talk me through all work completed and any possible future requirements. That way I can take full ownership of the situation.

On 16th June I am off to Scotland for eight days of work and we have agreed for you to give her a thorough inspection within the next few days.

Thank you again for all your hard work, I will set out confidently for Scotland.

John Gilpin
Essential Health and Safety Services

Every week I sit and listen to other chapter members giving you a testimonial about your services, and frankly its rather nauseating! I never get a testimonial....

However being the great statesman that I am, I was able to reflect on the recent work you completed on my cars:

  • Your attention to detail is truly excellent
  • You go the extra mile all the time to ensure complete satisfaction
  • You offer a genuinely friendly & honest service — 2 unique things for the vehicle repair industry

In summary your service is excellent, and I am pleased to be able to recommend your services to others... .for a small but substantial recompense..!(Joke!)

Managing Director
X Kommunications Ltd

First thing I’d like to say is that Ritchie is a genuinely nice and helpful guy. He’s very easy going and keeps its simple unless you want more information - in which case I’m sure he would talk ‘technical’! However i didn’t want too much technical - all i needed to do was point at what i thought may be a problem and he knew what was required - easy! The fact that he picks up and brings your car back is just brilliant - however more importantly, the customer service and the information I got after my MOT & service was probably one of the best I’ve ever had.

Although I may not want to get under the bonnet of my car I like to have a reasonable understanding of how my car is doing, what might need updating, changing etc - and that is exactly what Ritchie provides. His paperwork gave me the breakdown on how long before certain things may need to be looked at - which is great because in the past I am sure I have had lots of unnecessary things done to my car and in some cases I’ve been taken for a ‘ride’ (excuse the pun!) and I REALLY don’t like that!

Thanks Ritchie for doing a great job!

Sylvia Rai

I asked Richie to prepare my wife’s car for its MOT which was due this week.

Richie picked the car up from my house at a convenient time for me. He arrived promptly and the next day updated me on what needed to be done in order for the car to pass its MOT.  Quite a bit of work was needed and he was able to do the relevant work required to get it through but still ensuring that it was safe to drive.

He also provided the best possible price for the quality of his service and experience.

Apart from providing a quality service I feel that he is also being very honest about the work he is doing and I feel that I can trust
the information he is giving me.

I would thoroughly recommend his services to everyone that I know.

Thanks Richie
Bash Kaifi

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Richie for his help when making repairs to my car.

A few weeks back Richie came over to my office to look at my car as the bonnet was jammed closed. This sounds like a small job but he had to take the whole bumper of to look at it. Once he had done this he took the whole lock mechanism apart cleaned it and put it back together. This seemed to fix the problem.

A couple of weeks later the same problem occurred. The Following Saturday he came to my office and went through the whole process again to find that a cable had snapped and he was able to fix the problem without a charge.

I would like to commend Richie for the service that he provided.

He did not charge me for the 2nd call out, the original cost was very reasonable, I never had to drive to the garage and he also was able to advise me on other areas where the car may need attention.

I would have no problem in recommending Richie to my friends and family if they ever need his services.

Chris Dahl
Independent Financial Adviser

I asked Ritchie to assess my wife’s car as it was having a few problems. He rang me and Ritchie was able to be flexible and fit around my work commitments. He arrived promptly at the arranged time and got to work straight away.

He was efficient and most importantly very thorough and explained his findings in an easy way for me to understand.
He has told me what needs to be done and I will be very happy for him to complete the work when the MOT is due.

I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their vehicle.

Thank you Ritchie for putting my mind at rest as this car carries
my valuables my wife and child.

Bash Kaif

Thank you for your excellent work in getting my wife’s Renault Clio through its MOT test with the minimum of fuss and expense.

MOTs are something I dread as invariably the garage concerned manages to find a whole host of expensive problems about which we have no control, and little belief, and without which the car concerned will fail the test. It’s like a visit to the undertaker.

We were very impressed with your collection service from our house and the cheerful and open way in which you discussed the car upon your return. You made us feel good about the car and the whole thing was a pleasant experience.

Thank you again for the excellent way in which you dealt with the Clio.

John Gilpin
Essential Health and Safety Services

Thank you Thank you very much for looking after our fleet of Lorries and vans over the last 9 years. You have proved yourself to be 100% reliable and you have always given us the best advice which in the long term saves us money. As well as great service you are always cheery and very polite and coming out to where ever our vehicle is to service or fix is a real plus.

Many thanks,
Mark Dean
Managing Director

Thank you for your help in resolving the issues with my Volvo V50 and a faulty alternator, you prompt response was very much appreciated, and it was a great help having the car fixed at home and not having to worry about taking it to the garage.

You also were very diligent in pointing out some other aspects that needed addressing namely the discs and a dangerous bulge in the front wheel.

I decided to get these minor faults rectified at the same time as my car needed a MOT certificate, and you again took the car and left me to get on with job, it was returned with all the faults rectified and the MOT arranged.

I would like to say thank you for the a help and assistance and I will have no reservations in recommending you to my friends and colleagues who require any work done on their cars.

Andy Hamilton

I would just like to thank you for your recent help in servicing and looking after my Brothers Car. He has been struggling to find a good mechanic he could trust and one that wouldn’t charge the earth. My brother was so pleased with your service that my mum then called to ask for your number, and I now understand you have fully serviced her car to. Both of them are so please with the work you have done for them that way you came to their homes to do this work and your general attitude toward them.

I know they will recommend you and that I will have known hesitation in doing so also.

Sam Farmer

Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work on a very rainy day on Tuesday 22 November to complete the final stages of the winter check ups for my two cars.

The heater fan on my Peugeot 406 had failed and despite emergency aid in Weston Super Mare the cause remained unsolved and therefore unresolved.

As the weather became increasingly colder and misty so my journeys became even harder to bear. I am not surprised this problem is an MOT fail.

I am so pleased that you have managed to solve the problem and the temperature inside the car is at a very pleasant level.

Well done on your detective work and thank you once again for all your hard work.

John Gilpin
Essential Health and Safety Services