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Suspension and steering systems enable each of the wheels of a vehicle to function independently. Any problem with your steering or suspension will affect not only the quality of your driving experience, but could be potentially dangerous.

At ATech we can diagnose and repair a whole range of steering and suspension issues.  Our fully qualified technicians use only the high quality parts which conform to the original manufacturers specification.

If you think your vehicle's handling is not as is used to be, or if you are hearing a creaking or knocking noise, call ATech today on 01784 770307 or 01753 201160 and let our specialist team check it out.

Car steering systems

A steering system is made up of the steering wheel, the steering rack, track rod ends and the steering arms. These components work together to allow the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle in a smooth and precise fashion.

Car suspension systems

Car suspension systems work to maximise the contact between car tyres and the road surface. This allows for a smooth drive, as well as increasing your vehicle’s safety. A car suspension system is made up of several components including anti-roll bars, suspension arms, shock absorbers and coil springs.